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Q: How can I find out if you take my insurance and what my prescription coverage is?

A: We accept most insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and others.  If we are not set up for your plan initially, we can request to become part of the network. If you have coverage questions, our pharmacists are extremely knowledgeable about most plans. We also have access to help desks that typically can get answers to most other questions.

Q: Why is there such a difference in price between generic and the name brand?  Is there really a difference?

A: Developing a drug is very costly. Once the patent expires however, the cost of copying that same drug is much less, and typically those cost savings are passed on to the patient.  There is an allowed difference in the inactive ingredients of a drug, but the active ingredients must be exactly equal, otherwise it could not be substituted for the name brand drug.

Q: Can you give me advice about what over the counter medications are best for me?

A: Yes, our pharmacists are always willing to offer advice regarding the many options available using “OTC” medications, including the potential for drug interactions with current medications, side effects, etc.

Q: I know that you offer delivery; can you deliver anything I want from your store?

A: Our free local delivery service is intended for prescriptions and medical equipment, however we have been known to send out other items that patients have requested.

Q: Do you offer medical equipment rentals?

A: Yes, we rent a wide range of equipment including walkers, wheelchairs, commodes, and many other items that our patients have needs for. If necessary the item can also be delivered.

Q: How can I find out if I am eligible for financial help for medical equipment?

A: We have an excellent billing staff that is aware of the details of most insurance coverage. They also have access to provider service support that is able to clarify any questions about your coverage.

Q: I have seen TV ads that say I can get free medical supplies delivered to my door if I qualify. Can you do that for me also?

A: If you have secondary coverage , or medigap insurance, many times we are able to provide your items free of charge. We are ordinarily able to offer the same services that you see on TV, with the same benefits that those companies make claims about.

Q: I have a prescription at an out of town pharmacy and I need a refill. Can you help?

A: Yes, we are allowed by New York State law to transfer one refill to our store of a non-controlled substance.. We can usually follow up with your physician to get more refills if needed.

Q: I have a special medicine that my Vet wants to give my cat. Can you help me?

A: Yes, we have compounding pharmacists on our staff that are able to prepare a variety of special medicines for a wide range of domestic, exotic, and farm animals. We are specially trained and offer this service to our customers with 2 or four legged family members.

Q: I have been looking for an item that has been very hard to find at other drug stores and nobody seems to carry it. Can you help me get it?

A: We are more than willing to try and find that item for you. We actually have a greater number of sources to locate items than most major chain stores have. It’s also likely we could have it the next day for you.

Q: What kind of gifts do you carry?

A: We carry a wide variety of gifts to choose from including collectibles such as Precious Moments, Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek, Demdaco’s Willow Tree Angels and Painted Ponies. We also carry wedding/anniversary gifts, chimes, wall plaques, candles, souvenirs, and Hallmark cards. These are just a few examples of the expansive gift shop items we carry.