Dental Compounding

As with many medical treatments, the therapeutic options commercially available to dentists can be limited. Some patients may not respond well to standard medications. Compounding enhances the body’s ability to accept medications through customized dosage forms.

For example, some nauseated patients or those that cannot swallow a pill may receive the medication through a gel rubbed into the skin. Or patients who suffer from needle anxiety may receive a topical anesthetic to allow for painless dental injections.

One obvious challenge with dental-related medication is the involvement of the taste buds: some dental rinses, solutions and gels have a rather unpleasant flavor. Our compounding pharmacist can help by making the medicine taste better without changing the vital properties and performance of it. For instance, a bitter pain reliever can be enhanced with chocolate flavor to make it taste better, and children will be glad to take a topical oral anesthetic if it’s delivered through a cherry flavored lollipop.

From an eight-year-old getting a cavity filled to an eighty-year-old getting fitted for dentures, each patient is unique and may benefit from custom-compounded medication.


We work together with dentists and their patients to solve physical discomfort and emotional distress using customized medications. With a prescription we can compound:

  • Topical Muscle Relaxants/Analgesics
  • Lip Balms for Viral Lesions
  • Antibacterial Rinses
  • Oral Sedation in Lollipops/Freezer Pops
  • Mouth Rinses for Chemotherapy Dry Mouth
  • Topical Anesthetics
  • Lollipops for Oral Thrush
  • Dry Socket Preps
  • Mucosal Bandages
  • Mouth Rinses for Ulcers

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